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Howdy! Welcome and thank you so much for visiting my site.

I’m Md Tamjid Hossain — a student, writer, and book nerd. I am a student of Computer Science and Engineering. You are probably wondering what’s a computer science student doing with a website. It’s mainly because I really enjoy writing. 

You can say writing is my side passion. I enjoy myself researching and enhancing my knowledge. Of course, writing is a great way to do that!

I started writing a few years back when I was in college. I was just a beginner at that time. I was watching YouTube to learn how to write good and helpful articles. Then I found Medium(a blog where many passionate writers write and connect with similar people), which actually helped me get more inspired about writing. There are many talented writers, I just enjoyed reading their articles.

I also write on Medium whenever I get the time. But sadly, I couldn’t write at all in the past year because I had to work on other things that got in the way. When I started writing on Medium, I was astonished that people approached me to write for their website. They also wanted to pay me for writing. That’s when I decided to start writing professionally.

And now, I’ve done many courses on SEO. I learned keyword research. I learned how to write search engine-optimized articles that actually help people and provide value. I really enjoy doing these besides my study. 

I know the potentiality of content writing, and the writing industry and I really want other people to know about this. Even though people are concerned about AI like ChatGPT these days, that AI will take over SEO and content writing, but I don’t believe that. Sure, it will change the approach of doing SEO but AI will always depend on humans because they learn from us.

Only a human can give authentic reviews and share their real experiences— AI will never be able to do that. They can only spit facts and can never share what other people experiences, they will always depend on research and data provided by a real human. 

So, authentic and genuine content writing will never die, not at least in the near future. I want to inspire and encourage more people in the writing industry. And that’s why I put this website together.

I have a passion for business, making money, and writing. I mainly research and write on these topics. You will also find education and learning-related content as I’m a student. Please enjoy reading.

More About Me

I am obsessed with learning and reading. You know, if you want to be a great writer then reading and learning is a must. You have to acquire more knowledge and do your own research to actually be able to write more valuable content that helps people. 

Also, I want to grow as a writer and a human being—and I want to share what I have learned with others. You are most welcome to learn with me as well! Whether you’re a student like me or a seasoned entrepreneur, I hope you find something valuable and useful on my website. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to connecting with you!

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